Covid-19 Safety Measures at Our Office


  • As per WHO norms, our office is cleaned daily with a cleaning solution that contains 1% Sodium hypochloride.
  • All surfaces are dis-infected daily, using a EPA approved disinfectant, including all contact surfaces such as door handles and table tops.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are provided across the office for easy access to all persons. The hand sanitizers used are EPA approved.
  • Free masks are available at the reception for staff and visitors who do not have their own.


  • For all visitors, checking of body temperature and sanitizing of hands is compulsory.
  • Masks are available at our reception free of charge for those who are not carrying their own.
  • Courier and delivery personnel are not permitted to enter the office premises.


  • All our employees, including our site supervisors have been tested for Covid-19 before being allowed to resume office.
  • Each day, the body temperature of all staff is taken and recorder at the entrance before starting their working day.
  • Staff members with any relevant symptoms are not permitted to enter the office and continue their day under our WFH protocols.
  • In case any symptoms develop while in the office, staff members are required to leave the office premises immediately and continue their working day at home under our WFH protocols.


  • Contractors, sub-contractors, workers and visitors are required to have their body temperature checked daily before entering the site.
  • Any worker with a cough or a cold is not permitted to enter the site.
  • In case any worker develops symptoms during the working day, they are required to immediately leave the site and not return until they are asymptomatic.
  • Hand sanitizers, facemasks and disposable gloves have been made available at all our sites.

Luxury homes designed around you

As established experts in the field of luxury residential interiors, we have designed exceptional homes for a discerning clientele across India and internationally. Our esteemed clients include HNIs, NRIs, and celebrities

How it Works

Looking for residential interior designers in Mumbai that match your creative vision and design needs can be a challenge in itself. Sometimes it can take time for the client and the designer to sync up. To make the process of working with us easier, we have a proven and straightforward process that helps us build successful client relationships and design beautiful homes for them.

Getting to know you and your Residential Interior Design needs

The first step in any project for us is our favourite – because we get to know you! We meet with you to understand your interior design needs and your aesthetic preferences. How do you want your new home to look? What aesthetic elements are you drawn towards? Do you like how the existing space looks or do you need to break and rebuild certain structures? Asking these questions helps us create a creative vision that is aligned with yours.

As residential interior designers in Mumbai, we also take the time to understand your lifestyle. We want to create a home that is not only pleasing to the eye but also one that functions well for you. After all, the highest goal in residential interior design is to improve the quality of life for our clients.

Making your dream home true

Throughout the whole process, we make sure to check in with you on your thoughts on the project. We greatly value your feedback and use it to improve our designs to best match your personality, your lifestyle, and your budget. Once you are pleased with the designs, we work on making your dream come true.

Nitido Design has worked in residential interior design in several cities and countries including Mumbai, Pune, and Qatar, amongst others. We have a network of builders, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, artisans, and labourers in every city. As one of the best residential interior designers in Mumbai, we are masters of organisation and coordination. We make sure to hire the best professionals and partners in the industry. Then, we manage the entire team to ensure that the project goes smoothly and is completed on time.

Estimating costs and fixing a budget

Once we have an initial brief on your ideas and expectations from the project, we take into consideration your budget. There are a lot of details to consider in a residential interior design project. We work with you to help you create an accurate realistic budget - one which meets your needs and priorities. Our team of residential interior designers in Mumbai do their very best to offer top quality services within your budget.

It does sound counterintuitive that hiring a luxury residential interior designer in Mumbai would save you money. But hear us out. We have decades of experience and expertise under our belt. We help you get the most bang for your buck by guiding your throughout the process. We source high quality materials and ensure that all products, materials, and services you use are within budget. We also help you avoid costly mistakes by getting things right the first time.

Moreover, as experts in luxury residential interior design, we can help increase the resale value of your home by a large margin. If you are thinking about selling your house in the future, we can help you invest in it now. A well-furnished luxury house designed by a professional is sure to boost its appeal with potential buyers.

Designing the space

Our team of luxury residential interior designers in Mumbai get to work with creating designs for your home. We work in collaboration to come up with concepts and elements that work best for you. Whether it is creating a luxury apartment from scratch or renovating a room – we have an seamless and optimised process that delivers exceptional designs on time.

Our first priority in luxury residential interior design is creating a functional home. We generate 2D and 3D interior layouts so that there is an organic flow of movement in the house. We plan the heating, electrical, and plumbing so that the house functions safely. These need to be aligned with the various building and health and safety regulations to ensure your health and well-being.The second priority is aesthetic. As residential interior designers, we choose different elements in the home such as lighting, panels, furniture, and decor that meet your preferences and aesthetic vision. We then arrange them in a holistic way that is pleasing to the eye and soul.

Some may think that the functionality of a space comes first and the aesthetic follows. But we disagree. We like to keep aesthetics in mind as we decide on the form and function of a space, a room, or even a furniture piece. It is by keeping those two ideas in mind that we can create something that works well and looks good doing it too!

Residential Services

Nitido Design is one of the top residential interior designers in Mumbai. We offer a versatile range of residential interior design services that meet your every need.

End-to-end Residential Interior Design

Designing a new home or renovating an old one is an exciting adventure. One that comes with many challenges and hurdles. But just like any good adventure, it will be well worth it in the end. As you embark on this journey, you need the right people beside you. As seasoned residential interior designers in Mumbai, we understand the many concerns that come up for people as they build their dream home. Whether you are moving into your very first home or designing your forever family home – we can help you out.

As residential interior designers in Mumbai, we have a multifaceted job. It includes everything from large scale designing of an interior to selecting the minutest details. The common thread through all their responsibilities is providing accurate design advice to create a beautiful and functional residential home. In essence, we are creating a home that works for the people that will live in it. Designing the layout of a space, picking the furniture that goes into it, choosing the lighting fixtures in the room - these are all some of the many things included in our residential interior design services.

Renovations and remodelling

Do you ever want to hit refresh on your home? As time changes, you may need to update the decor in your home or remodel the kitchen. As your family evolves, you may also need to build a nursery or you may need a work office. Depending on the scale, design, and budget, you can choose from a wide spectrum of home remodelling projects. A revamp could be improving an outdated structure to make it more functional. Or updating the furniture in an older house to make it more modern. Or a full scale renovation of your home. Whether you need a few elements changed or something more substantial, our team of seasoned residential interior designers in Mumbai can guide you. Whatever your renovation needs are – functional, aesthetic, or both – we can help you create a home that fits your current needs.

Nitido Design offers renovation and residential interior design services to help you craft a better home. We use a combination of human and technology factors to give you the best house revamp. Our talented interior designers work closely with you to get a clear idea of what you want and help you budget accordingly. They also use advanced technology and home remodelling software to create realistic 3D visualisations of their designs.

Design Consulting

Not sure what your interior design needs are? Our design consultants and residential interior designers in Mumbai can help identify your needs and problems and suggest solutions accordingly. We work with you to understand what you need changing in your home and give you residential interior design advice.

The best part? It is a two-way street. We can talk you through our own design process and philosophy. We can talk about where we source our materials for and what our residential interior design costs would be. The initial chat with a team member can be anything you need it to be. If things work out, for us it is the start of a long-lasting relationship.


modern house interior staircase

We custom-make fees and pricing structures to suit your budget. No matter what your residential interior design needs are, we can work out a pricing plan perfectly aligned with your requirements.

While the work of residential interior designers and contractors overlaps significantly, they do have specific roles and responsibilities. General subcontractors handle various aspects of creating a functional home. This includes building structures for heating, air-conditioning, and ductwork. They work a lot with construction materials and tools. A general contractor may also be responsible for certain administrative work.

Speciality Subcontractors are professionals that have a specific expertise. They help build and create different kinds of structures with specific building materials. Masonry, stonework, plastering, tile-setting, glass and glazing work, and carpentry all fall under this category.

The role of a residential interior designer begins with creating a functional home. Residential interior design includes choosing different elements in the home such as lighting, panels, furniture, paints, and decor that meet the client’s preferences and aesthetic vision. We also bring different components together in a holistic way that is pleasing to the eye and soul.

Our team of residential interior designers in Mumbai come from diverse disciplines. We have an incredible repertoire of skills and talents, including an eye for various aesthetics. We have studied the elements and nuances of numerous residential interior design aesthetics such as classic, minimal, industrial, transitional, rustic, bohemian, and more. This helps us understand our clients’ creative visions and execute them perfectly. So, whether you are partial to a traditional home with classic furnishings or require a mix of mid-century modern and contemporary – we can make it happen.

There are many practical reasons why you should get a residential interior design firm on board. We help you save valuable money, time, and effort. We give you exclusive insights into resources and networks. We can also offer designs and guidance to make your home functional, aesthetic, and harmonious. But above all, as luxury home designers, we help you make your vision turn into reality.

As someone who will live and make memories in your home, you have a vision of what that will look like. As an interior designer of luxury homes, we are here to make that vision come to life. We tack on our technical expertise to your ideas and give them physical shape and form. We work with you and build on your initial concepts. We use our artistic abilities to create an aesthetic that resonates with your personality. We help make the dream of your very own home come true.

Connect with us to make your dream home come true. We can help you decide what the best residential interior design services for your needs are. Book a discovery call with our team of residential interior designers in Mumbai and we’ll get started to help you figure out your next steps.


Our comprehensive interior design solutions cover every aspect of the interior design process. From conceptual design and 3D, to construction documentation and on site technical support, we control each facet of the design process in-house, enabling us to offer you a reliable, complete and customizable interior design solution for your home.

  • Furniture Layout Optimization

  • Detailed Construction documents

  • Concept Design

  • Construction Review

  • 3D Rendering (in-house)

  • Vendor Coordination

  • Material Selection

  • Assistance with sourcing


“We believe that our client must always be at the very center of all our designs.”

- Maria Dinshaw, Principal Architect

This is why we design for you, keeping in mind your particular requirements and your individual tastes to create a home that is not only functional and beautiful but also a reflection of your unique personality.

Our offerings for a hassle-free experience

With our optional turnkey contracting, custom furniture manufacture and décor and styling offerings,
Nitido Design provides you with a genuine ‘one point contact’ service option for all your interior design requirements.

turnkey contracting interiors


Our design and build solutions provide complete integration of design, project management, and on-site execution.

custom furniture


We custom build an extensive range of exclusive and modern furniture that can be manufactured to any size, finish, and style.

minimal decor


Our complete styling and décor solutions elevate your home interiors by creating a sophisticated and iconic look.

Ami Desai
Ami Desai
Lawyer & Homeowner

“They didn’t just work on a project they created a home.”

I am grateful to the Nitido team as they were able to capture our essence so beautifully into a functional home, with durable and high quality materials. The team has built in many warm elements into our home and yet kept it contemporary in parts... I simply love the feel!! We have beautiful solid teak wood table tops and doors which look and feel warm and elegant, our olive stone floor is gorgeous and doesn’t show the red wine spills at all. They didn’t just work on a project they created a home.

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Take a look at a selection of projects that we have successfully completed for our esteemed clientele across India and internationally.

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